Home Security Camera Catches Man Stealing Dog From Front Yard

Remember the friendly Shih Tzu who rolled onto her belly to be petted, unaware she was about to be torn from her family? We have a heartwarming update.


There are all kinds of people out there, even those who’d steal a tiny puppy from someone’s front yard in the middle of the day.

It was a sunny day in Denver, Colorado and lovely Zoe was having fun outside in the yard when a vehicle stopped right in front of the house and snatched the Shih Tzu.

The security cameras showed the thieves driving around the neighborhood before committing the crime of stealing the pup.

“Her name is Zoe and she is the sweetest, most playful dog on the planet,” writes Jaime Gastelle. The 7-month-old, neutered Shih Tzu was stolen at 2:03 pm in the afternoon.

“She was outside by herself, but her Dad works from home with an [office] window facing the front and the temperature was in the high 50s today,” explains Jaime Gastelle. “She is extremely loved and spoiled at home and her family desperately wants her back.”

Zoe is a very sweet dog that is extremely friendly, so when the thieves get closer to the tree to which she was attached, she thought they were there to give her a belly rub so she can be seen rolling onto her side.

One of the neighbors witnessed what happened, yelled at the thieves who quickly drove away, and informed the family who immediately called the police.

Colorado Lost & Found Pets

“It all just happened too fast,” Gastelle explains of why her boyfriend and the neighbor were unable to stop the thieves before they made their getaway.

The family is devastated by Zoe’s loss and say police are “working on the plates, and contacting a suspicious woman we saw a few days prior that we know through the police that she lives in Aurora.”

They shared the video in hopes of getting any help from people who may recognize the dognappers. “The only chance we have of getting her back is somebody reporting the vehicle or people,” she says.

Below is the footage from the surveillance camera.

Always make sure to have your pets by your side because leaving them alone even for a second may result in incidents like that of poor Zoe.


Colorado Lost and Found Pets shared some news that make everyone happy: “Zoe has been found. She was returned by some children who spotted her in a park. She is very ill but is under veterinary care and is expected to make a full recovery.”

The pup was a bit sick and the family assumes it’s because she was probably kept at a cold place. They also believe that the footage that vent viral helped in tracking the thieves who left them without their dog for seven long days.

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