His Owners Wanted To Put Him Down, But The Vet Clinic Staff Refused To


His owners could no longer tolerate his “stupidity”…

When dogs are brought into a family, they are family members for life. But unfortunately, some senior dogs are either given up, abandoned or brought to the vet to be put down because their owners did not want them anymore.

Sadly, this is true for an 18 year-old dog named Figgy. Due to Figgy’s old age, he started to have a few accidents in the house which his owners could no longer tolerate.

Even though a dog of Figgy’s age is rare, his owners did not care about him.

Instead, they took him to a veterinarian clinic and told the vet to put him down! Finding it unusual, the vet clinic staff examined Figgy’s health first.

The staff quickly found out that Figgy was a healthy senior dog, even though he suffered from arthritis and blindness. The owners also told the staff why they wanted Figgy to be put down, because he was “stupid”.

The vet clinic staff refused to put him down despite his owners’ request and immediately contact Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, a dog rescue organization that takes care of senior dogs who have been abandoned. Muttville Senior Dog Rescue agreed to take Figgy into their care, so he was flown to San Francisco to begin a new life.

Sherri Franklin from the organization soon realized that the dog’s home was not a suitable place for Figgy as he needed a peaceful environment.

So Franklin decided to foster Figgy to allow him to adapt to his new surroundings and lifestyle. Thanks to Franklin’s family, Figgy was able to adapt and enjoyed his stay in his foster home.

A few days later, Figgy caught the eye of a woman named Eileen, who had previously adopted many senior dogs from the rescue.

Upon meeting Figgy, she immediately decided to adopt him as a part of her family. After the paperwork was settled, Eileen welcomed Figgy into her family.

Now in his new forever home, Figgy enjoys getting showered with plenty of love and attention by his new family. He has also gained another companion, a senior dog named Miss Abbie, who was also adopted by Eileen from the same rescue organization.

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