Hilarious Dog Mimics How His Owner Walks On Crutches

Sawyer really has that hobble and limp down!


The family could not resist in videotaping the moment down!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. As our companions, our dogs often shower us with loving looks and affectionate body signals. Research has proven that most dogs actually automatically imitate us – even though it carries no meaning or benefit. Dogs could not curb this tendency to imitate their owners, as dogs copy some of our body language and behaviors in ways which are spontaneous and voluntary. The tendency to imitate head and paw use, dogs could sudden change the way they walk, for example. This is especially evident in close relationships between humans and dogs, which is why dogs are famously coined as ‘man’s best friend’  – with a hilarious and quirky outcome.

This is a video concerning a dog named sawyer, who is seen hobbling after his owner – and no, he’s not injured. As the boy carefully enters the room with crutches in tow, Sawyer follows right behind him in such a peculiar manner!

As the dog’s primary social partner, Sawyer’s owner is walking in crutches due to a leg injury – sure enough, Sawyer follows suit despite the fact that he is neither sick nor injured! That sensitivity Sawyer shows as a canine companion meant that he has taken on an element of his owner’s physical trait, or maybe even the boy’s personality traits too! These two are so close, its extremely amusing to the family, and hence the video!

Watch the light-hearted video below!

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