Here’s Why We Love Our Dogs As If They’re Our Child

If you love your dog like your own baby, science can explain why:


Its true!

Love does truly knows no bounds, regardless of who and what we are as part of the living. Love, especially between canine and man, is such a pure and unconditional relationship. So much so that it goes both ways and is almost identical to how a mother or father would feel towards their own child. Have you ever wondered why you have the same strong feelings akin to a parent of a human child, towards your fur baby? According to information from a new study conducted and courtesy of the the PLOS ONE journal, findings in human emotions are now able to explain why we feel the same set of parental emotions.

More than 30,000 years ago since the domestication of dogs, our bond with them is truly unbreakable. A dog is coined as ‘man’s best friend’, but our love for them extends beyond purely friendship. The human attachment theory proves this to be true, as both the maternal-child bond and the human-pet bond were eerily similar in results. This theory was constructed to illustrate the emotions of attachment we feel while caring for a child or dog, while providing safety, compassion and security.

The study examined functional neuroanatomy of the 2 bonds through analyzing patterns of brain function, as individuals viewed pictures of both their child and their dog. During the study, and they were shown images of both children and dogs whom they shared a bond with and those they did not know personally. According to the results, the study was proven accurate because most of the participants had equally strong regional brain responses as they viewed only the pictures of the children and dogs they knew.

Our dogs would always hold a special place in our lives, personal space and hearts. Having a canine at home can be very beneficial for us because of the irreplaceable social and emotional support they give and share with those around them. Akin to children who would never grow up regardless of their age, their affection and love is eternally unconditional. Do you have a canine at home, too?

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