Her family left her behind, but she’s now someone else’s princess

One man's trash truly is another man's treasure <3


When the volunteers from Hope for Paws are involved in a rescue mission, you know it’s a successful one. This time, they helped a sweet pup who was left behind find her happy ending with humans who’d never do the same thing to her. Little Kona was once abandoned, but she is now someone else’s princess.

A neighbor of the family who didn’t care enough to take Kona with them when they moved places fed her for months. But the dog was way too scared and confused to let him approach closer or touch her. That’s when he decided he should contact professionals who would try to take the dog from the backyard.

When the rescuers came at the scene, something amazing happened. Kona somehow felt they were there to take her out of that place that reminded her of the people who once loved her very much. She was calm and let the man who provided her with food untie her.

She was then taken at a vet’s for a check-up and was given a nice haircut. Kona now resembled the princess that was hiding under all the hair.

Her new family opened the door to their home for Kona just weeks after she was rescued. They were happy they got such a sweet dog. I guess it’s true when they say that someone’s trash is another person’s treasure. 

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