Help us finish our new animal shelters

We need YOUR help to finish building animal shelter for 200 dogs & cats in time for cold winter


A new dog-walking programme is up and running at Bohinj animal shelter and started with a campaign called ‘Show them you care! Sponsor an abandoned animal from the shelter!’

Any individual or organisation can become a sponsor by entering into a contract for that purpose with the shelter for a selected animal or general sponsorship. The funds raised will be used to provide abandoned animals with expert help and to enable them to have more personal contact with people, better accommodation and thus many animals will have a shorter road to a new home.

Man’s best friend with a wagging tail and the staff of Ljubljana animal shelter will be sincerely grateful to you. Together, we can give abandoned dogs a brighter future.

Short Summary

We’re an NGO taking care and re-homing abandoned animals (mostly dogs and cats) in the area of Ljubljana County, Slovenia

The private shelter we took care of was closed because it was too close to the residential area.

With the help of our donors, we found a new place and this spring we started building a new shelter.

But we need your help to finish it. We already spent around $25,000 and we still need at least two more container homes before the winter comes, to comply with the law regulations and keep the shelter.

We’re building this new shelter for dogs and cats to feel comfortable, be stress free as much as possible and get socialized for new homes. We want to build it in accordance with their needs, and make it a place where animal lovers love to come.

About 200 donators already helped us raise enough to be able to obtain two container homes (for checking office & veterinary station) and a mobile unit to accomodate more abandoned cats, including those already on our care (placed in homes of our volunteers since we don’t have any kind of suitable place for them).

If we raised another $4,000, we would be able to make 10 outdoor boxes with dog houses, insulated for all seasons. With those boxes, we would be able to accomodate additional 15 to 20 dogs and puppies.

So, share the word if you can, contribute if you can, adopt one of our dogs & cats if you can.

Thank you! 🙂

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Other Ways You Can Help

We are always looking out for volunteers to come and spend time with the animals, and of course help us spread the word about adoption and fundraising. A like on our Facebook page ( ) goes a long way when helping us approach sponsors, and if you have any skills in design / photoshop etc. we love seeing materials to promote animal welfare.