Heiress Came To 2 Dogs’ Rescue — With A Private Jet

She was the only one who could fix this.


The airline denied the request…

A U.S. Marine, Staff Sgt. Andrew Morales, rescued 2 dogs while he was stationed in Afghanistan and was preparing to fly them back back home to San Diego. His two Anatolian Shepherds, Dusty and Wyatt, both had bad memories in Afghanistan. Their ears and tails were cut off solely for fighting and were miserable when Staff Sgt. Andrew Morales found them. The marine soon formed a strong bond with the dogs and couldn’t bear to leave them behind. So when he received a new assignment, he decided to bring them back home with him. Sadly, the airline denied his request, stating that the dogs were too big for commercial plane landing at Camp Lejeune.

Desperate for help, Morales and his wife contacted an organization, who helped to arrange a flight for Dusty and Wyatt to fly from Afghanistan to California. To spread the word, the organization posted about it online. It soon caught the attention of Helen Rosburg, who was the great-granddaughter of William Wrigley, the man who founded the Wrigley Gum company. 

Rosburg, who was an animal lover herself, raises German Shepherds to serve as service dogs for both personal protection and law enforcement.  Knowing that they needed help, Rosburg decided to step in and quickly charted a private jet just for Morales and his 2 dogs!  

Rosburg voiced her thoughts, stating “Not on my watch. Everybody in my circle knows what I do. If they see an impossible situation, they’ll post something to my (Facebook) timeline.” 

Morales was extremely grateful to Rosburg, stating “From the bottom of me and my wife’s hearts, we really appreciate what she did for us.” 

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