Heartwarming Short Film of Dog’s Life Packs Powerful Message Against Pet Abandonment

Make sure you have a tissue or three ready...❤️


Most pet parents would never even think of it, but each year thousands of pets are abandoned while families take vacations.

According to the French animal charity 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation (30 Million Friends), 60,000 dogs and cats are “thrown out” by families going on vacation each year.

In order to stop this, they launched a campaign to bring awareness to it.

Instead of using the typical sad dog story in their video, they decided to make a video about a close bond between a young girl and her dog.

Xavier Giannolli, a well-known French director, created a beautiful 2-minute long silent video. It shows the girl and her dog going through important moments in their lives.

In the video, it shows their first time meeting, their shared birthdays, sick days, and life changes. This video shows what it means to have a dog. It ends with the powerful words: “When a dog abandons his master it is not to go on holiday.

Watch this heartwarming film!

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