Heartbroken Man Whispers “Don’t Die” In His Horse’s Ear Gets Response Catching Even Him Off Guard


Seeing a loved one struggling with a difficulty in their life can be heartbreaking. This not only counts for family and friends but also for our pets and other animals we feel affectionate for. The feeling is even more intense when we are helpless.

One day, while walking in his barn, a man from Poland named Marek Slodkowski encountered a devastating sight. His horse Freedom had fallen in the maintenance pit, unable to get out. The first thing that came to the farmer’s mind was to fill the pit with hay and lift the animal to a higher level, but Freedom was way to exhausted to fight for his liberation.


Eventually, Marek called the fire department and asked for a helping hand. The guys from the station were more than happy to answer the call. Unfortunately, they had various unsuccessful attempts for saving the poor animal who was becoming more and more tired by every passing minute. They tried using long straps, but it failed as well. At one moment, Marek leaned towards the horse’s ear and whispered to him that “It will be okay.” It seemed like those words worked magic, and to everyone’s surprise the horse regained some strength and started fighting for his life.


The video below captured the whole story. Make sure you watch it and share it with friends if you believe in the healing power of the comforting words provided in a state of desperation.

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