He made her leave the dog park early, now listen to how she howls back at him


The dog park is like a who’s who of dog society.
So, when the whole gang is there, who wants to pick up and leave? Not this pup, whose owner is driving it home and also getting an earful about why this park playdate shouldn’t have ended.

The boxer, who sounds almost operatic as she complains, stands in the car’s backseat rattling off millions of reasons why their visit ended too soon – and to be frank, we think she has a good point.

According to the caption, the two left so the dog’s owner could watch a Houston Texans game. Priorities, people, priorities! We are so glad that this happy papa recorded his little girl’s “temper tantrum.” Maybe next time she’ll get to stay those extra 10 minutes at the dog park. We hope so!

Watch Video Below:

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