Happiest Puppy Can’t Stop Wagging Tail As She Leaves Shelter


A puppy named Matilda arrived at Douglas County Animal Shelter, the volunteers noticed something extraordinary about this little pup right away: the puppy was always ecstatic all the time!

This was surprising because Matilda’s first couple months wasn’t easy. Matilda was about two months old, and she had spent those two months living as a stray in Georgia. When Douglas County Animal Shelter picked her up, she was infested with worms and she had a skin irritation.  But even with all of that going on she never stopped wagging her tail.

“She gave the most sweetest kisses,” Santina Sanders a volunteer told The Dodo. “She was the cutest thing ever.”

Sanders wasn’t the only who noticed how adorable Matilda was. A rescue group Pibbles & More Animal Rescue also fell in love her.  Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo, one of the group’s coordinators, decided to rescue the adorable puppy from the shelter. Matilda was placed in a foster home.

When the foster dad picked her up she was so excited to leave that her tail never stopped for the entire hour and half car ride.

“She wags her tail so hard that she walks crooked”

There was one thing Matilda just didn’t like: collars! When Rich tried to put Matilda’s on,  Matilda’s tail stopped wagging for the first time ever.

Besides having a collar, Matilda loves everything about her new foster home. She loves napping with her foster brother and sister, and she also enjoys playing with her toys.

Matilda loves to help her human boy with his homework.  

“She’s hilarious and I wish I could video everything,” Rich says. “But as soon as I pick up my phone, she runs right at me!”

Matilda is the most joyful puppy who puts a smile on everyone’s face.  Please SHARE this with your friends and family.

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