Handed Over to Be Euthanized for ‘Not Playing,’ Little Dog Finds Second Chance in Life

Little puppy refused to play, so his owners took him to be euthanized. Luckily, the vet noticed something and stopped dead in his tracks.


One family surrendered their dog at a shelter and asked from the staff for the poor animal to be euthanized. They believed the puppy’s life should be ended because he wasn’t playful and seemed to be sad most of the time.

They didn’t even try to learn the reason behind his lethargic state.

Luckily, Sidewalk Specials were willing to take the dog named Simba in and give him a chance to live. Once at the vet’s, it was discovered that the sweet and tiny puppy refused to play because he was very sick. Among the rest, he had tick fewer which they managed to treat using medication and lots of love.

Hopefully, this puppy that is now able to show his true personality which is vibrant will soon find a home with a family that will treat him the way he deserves.

In case your dog’s behavior is different than before and they are not playful any longer or refuse to interact and be active, please take them to the vet’s. Maybe there is something wrong with them and you are missing out the symptoms.

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