An hairless creature was found In California digging through trash – then they immediately call 911


The hairless animal was neither a dog nor cat..

In California, locals were alarmed and concerned when they saw a hairless creature digging through their dumpsters – they phoned an animal rescue group, reporting so.

It was a bear, but without any fur! The bear had been caught and transferred to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, who also contacted an affiliate counterpart of The Humane Society of the United States, The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center.

After examining the bear, they realized that she was covered in mange. Mange is a skin disease caused by mites burying into animals’ skin. The mange was also responsible for the bear’s severe loss of fur.

The poor bear needed help and a place to stay. On Christmas Eve, two volunteers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife named the bear Eve and drove her down to their headquarters! The FFAWC had made the proper arrangements beforehand to accommodate her. With the bear’s extreme case of mange, sanitation and materials used were of their top priority. Once Eve all healed, FFAWC will then release her back into the wild where she belongs.

Watch Eve’s touching story below!

The staff at FFAWC praised Eve’s speed of recovery, saying that Eve spends each day exploring her surroundings and selecting items to shred and pile up to build a nest for the night. She is quite diligent in doing so! For now, Eve is enjoying her space and all the fresh fruit given to her. She is especially fond of apples!

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