This Guy Does The UNTHINKABLE For An Old Dog Chained Up For 14 Years…WOW


When people are asked to explain the meaning of kind, you’ll often hear responses that talk about how selfless, compassionate, and giving a person it. People will say kind people go above and beyond themselves to help others, even when it’s at their own expense at times.

In 2012, Thayne Hamilton was encouraged by friends and family to enter a contest on Seattle-based Talk It Up TV. The winner of the $1,000 prize would be chosen by votes. When the TV station read Thayne’s story, they immediately knew he’d be the winner.

Thayne and his wife Christine shared in their love of dogs. They were so passionate, in fact, that over the past 10 years they’d taken in at least 20 rescue dogs at their home in Orcas Island, WA. Their home became the Grey Muzzle Rescue. These dogs were abandoned, unwanted and horribly neglected and abused. Not to mention, they were senior dogs, so it was likely they’d be euthanized at many shelters. But Thayne and Christine cared for these dogs like they were family, and they did it all on their modest, fixed income.

Thayne and Christine founded the Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary in Orcas Island, Washington, in order to give elderly dogs a second chance at life.


One of the rescued dogs they have saved is Lilla. She had previously been chained up for 14 years. When she arrived, she was in terrible condition and her legs were essentially glued to her body. Thayne was undeterred and helped her move around with a wheelbarrow.


In 2013, Christine passed away from terminal illness, but before she did, she made the kindest and most loving gesture possible. Take a look below.

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I’ve never watched a video that made me feel as many emotions as this one did.

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