Soldier with PTSD finds help in most unlikely way

When Josh Marino returned from the army, he was not the same as when he had left. He suffers from PTSD and one rainy day he decided he couldn't take it any longer. He was about to finish his "last" cigarette, but then out of the corner of his eye, he saw movement in the bushes. He knew he had to see what it was.


Meet Josh Marino! This soldier left the battlefield with severe inj**uries and a broken soul.

He also su**fered from PTSD. Josh had to go through tough times, his heartache was so unbearable that the man decided to en** his ow*n life.

Sitting in the rain, Josh was ready to give up. He was smoking his last cigarette when something unexpected happened.

The soldier heard a tiny meow, then the kitten walked up to him and just rubbed against his leg. Josh was so overwhelmed that he burst into tears. The man decided to help the kitten and came back day after day to feed the animal. He even gave the cat a name “Scout.”

But one day Josh didn’t found Scout, the cat disappeared, and the man was deva*s*tated. He didn’t know what to do because Scout was his friend. But seven months later, another miracle happened. Josh and his girlfriend visited the local animal shelter, and while they were walking through crates of kittens, a little paw struck him. It is hard to believe, but it was Scout!

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