Groomer Gave Dog An Emergency Makeover – In The Middle Of The Night


The dog knew that they wanted to help him.

In Florida, a pooch named Lucky was found wandering around the busy roadways at night. He was blind and deaf, and had no one with him either. It seemed that no one would stop to help the poor canine. Except for one woman, who stumbled upon him purely by accident. It was midnight when Lucky was found by the good Samaritan.

The woman was then contacted by a local dog groomer named Kari Falla on Facebook, who also owns and operates her very own pet grooming salon, BGE Grooming. The pet salon was situated all the way in Seminole County. Kari is locally-known to be a huge animal lover – she has helped many rescue animals received free and yet very much needed grooming sessions in order to assist in attracting potential adopters. Lucky was in great hands.

She recognized that Lucky needed immediate help, and offered to groom him free of charge.

Lucky was in a terrible condition – his giant tangled lumps caused him many difficulties. He had trouble walking, pooping, coping with a flea infestation and even had a leash embedded in his skin. Plus, he smelled really bad.

However, she refused to give up on Lucky.

The whole grooming process took hours of patience and precision.

It took at least three hours – it was already 3 am once Kari was done.

Lucky was finally free from all that dead furry prison of his.

He also received a very much needed bath and nail clipping session.

Lucky wasn’t micro-chipped when he was found, so there was no way to contact his previous owner. He has since been placed in a loving foster home to celebrate Halloween with.

According to his foster mom, he is now “thriving” in his new home. Dogs like Lucky deserve a second chance at life – and we need to be there to help them achieve that.

Lucky would be ready for adoption once he has truly settled in with his new life as a cherished companion. He is indeed, one lucky pooch!

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