Grizzly bear in a pool having fun has to be the happiest video you’ll see


Making friends with bears is not something we get to see every day, but for those working at the zoos or animal sanctuaries it’s pretty common to be around these marvelous animals. They get to spend some time with them, and they know exactly what makes bears happy. If you though the answer is lots of honey you might be right, but apparently most of all they enjoy relaxing in a pool.

This might not come as a surprise because it’s a well known fact that grizzly bears are great swimmers who enjoy being around water.

Take Bruiser for example. He is an adorable grizzly bear who lives in a sanctuary where he spends his days playing in the pool. The sanctuary is a part of the Single Vision Inc. whose mission is “WORLDWIDE conservation of endangered species and preservation of precious land and habitat essential to the protection of Earth’s remaining wildlife.”

Bruiser jumps into the water as a real human, climbing the pool ladder and diving in. He takes pleasure in belly flopping and then shaking off the water from the fur. Once he is done, he does everything all over again.

He is as happy as a little kid, and to be honest, we are as happy for him. It’s obvious he is having a real blast.

The funny thing is that this is not the first time for us to see a huge bear swimming in a pool. Recently, one was spotted relaxing in the neighbor’s spa. So if you own a pool, beware of unexpected visitors.

Take a look at the lovely Bruiser having fun and make sure you share this with your friends.

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