Grieving Man Lost His Beloved Dog After 16 Years

They were together alone ... These two had not had any other companionship except each other for 16 years.


They had spent 16 years together..

Owners often form a very strong bond with their furry companions and would spend most of their time with them. Some owners unfortunately, cannot withstand the heartbreak when their beloved pet passes away. For a 80 year old man named Ken, his grief had been too much for him to bear. Ken had spent the last 16 years with his dog, Zack, and was known among the community to be a quiet man. According to one of his neighbors, Carol Burt, Ken keeps to himself mostly and would simply wave as a form of a greeting whenever she sees him. Burt also has experience with animals and has fostered many for several years, so she knew a thing or two about the bond between Zack and Ken.  But one evening, Burt was in the midst of eating dinner when another neighbor knocked on her front door.

When Burt opened the door, the neighbor told her to visit Ken and Zack immediately as there was an emergency. Burt rushed to Ken’s mobile home upon hearing the news and saw a heartbreaking scene. Ken was holding onto Zack and was in tears, exclaiming in grief that he had no money to take Zack to the vet for medical treatment. Zack was already a senior dog and had health issues. Although the community sympathized with Ken and Zack, they also could not afford to help pay for Zack’s medical treatment. Burt decided to post it on Facebook to ask for donations to help Zack. Burt’s post soon caught the attention of Elaine Seamans, the founder of the At-Choo Foundation, a rescue organization that focuses on helping shelter dogs. 

Seamans contacted Burt and asked her when they are planning to take Zack to the vet. Although they originally planned to take Zack to the vet on next Monday morning, Seamans insisted that Zack goes to see the vet tonight and stated that she will cover all of his medical expenses.  Sadly, Ken had to return home alone that night as Zack did not make it. Ken mourned the loss of his best friend of 16 years, which was captured on a photo taken by Burt. 

Elaine posted the photo to Facebook, and the online community responded. Ken soon received numerous letters and cards of support from people worldwide and was extremely touched. Unfortunately, Ken passed away shortly after Zack’s passing due to a heart attack. 

RIP Ken and Zack.

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