Golden Retriever’s Reaction to Dad Coming Home Vs. Mom

The difference is both obvious and funny.


If you love seeing cute and funny videos of dogs, chances are you have stumbled upon the account Oshie’s World. Oshie is a cute Golden Retriever living in California with his mom and dad, Jesse and Nancy.

And as every dog out there, Oshie loves greeting his humans whenever they get home from work. Jesse, however, noticed that his dog’s reaction to him getting home is quite different than that of when his wife arrives.

That was enough reason for this amazing dad to upload another video on YouTube and put a smile on our faces again.

The video starts with Jesse returning home. While at the driveway, he can notice Oshie is looking at him through the window, so he expects from the canine to get excited and start wagging his tail. But, that’s not really what happens. Instead, Jesse gets inside the house and yells Oshie’s name. The dog is standing next to the sofa and approaches to greet his dad in a shy manner.

“Oshie’s standing in the window, waiting for me to go inside. But I bet once I get in there, he’s not gonna act all that excited.”

It’s not that Oshie isn’t excited to see his human, but we guess Jesse expected more intense reaction. Nevertheless, he takes Oshie outside and offers him some cookies that the dog can’t wait to munch on. As the two are having some fun time in the yard, Nancy’s car could be heard approaching.

When Oshie realizes it’s his mom that pulls over, he rushes towards her and can’t hide his happiness of seeing her. Quite an opposite reaction to the one when he greeted his dad.

He can’t wait for her to enter the house, and even lends a helping hand by carrying her purse with his mouth. That’s is so adorable to witness.

The cute video gathered over 84K likes. People couldn’t help by comment with one person writing:

“🤣🤣 So hilarious he’s chill with you then goes the extra mile for his mom.”

Another person added:

“So apparently a dog isn’t a mans best friend 😂😂”

It’s not that Oshie loves his mom more than he loves his dad, but based on his funny reactions it’s safe to say she is his favorite person.

Take a look at the hilarious video below and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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