Golden Retriever Gets Super Excited to Meet a Tiny Rescue Puppy

Their parents caught the adorable first meeting on video, and it's safe to say that Pork was thrilled to have a new little sister!


Pork is a typical Golden Retriever. He’s loving, loyal, playful and very friendly, not only with humans but other dogs as well. His family loves him very much, so they though they should surprise him with a doggy sibling as they knew he would be thrilled having another canine around. And as it turned out, they did just the right thing as now the video of Pork meeting the tiny rescue puppy is going viral for all the cuteness it’s filled with.

Viral Paws/Youtube

When they brought tiny Teddy Sugar in the house, Pork was overly excited to meet his new sister so he couldn’t stop staring at her and sniffing her. He knew this little baby would be his new best friend for life. Teddy Sugar was as thrilled to meet Pork who is so much bigger than her.

Viral Paws/Youtube

Looking at these two, one would assume they have known each other long before the video was taken. They feel very comfortable with one another and make an instant connection. Playing around, hugging, and giving each other licks, Pork and Teddy Sugar will certainly have lots of fun in the days and the years to come.

The best thing of all is seeing them taking a nap together after they get exhausted from having a blast.

Viral Paws/Youtube

You can take a look at Pork and Teddy Sugar’s bonding in the video below. Cute beyond words!