Golden Retriever Comes Home With Baby Koala Clinging To Its Fur To Survive

'It would have died if it was left alone'


Asha, the adorable Golden Retriever is the hero of the day after she saved a baby koala  from freezing out in the cold.

When Asha’s mom noticed the baby koala that was clinging on the dog’s fur she was surprised and had no idea how the two got together, but then she figured out that the baby might have fallen out of her mommy’s pouch and ended up meeting the dog that took great care of it during the night.

Asha’s owner, Kerry McKinnon, recalls seeing the dog in the morning looking all confused and guilty as though she did something wrong. Her face was hilarious as the baby koala wouldn’t let of her fur.

Source: Facebook/Kerry N Raymond McKinnon
Asha and the baby koala, called a joey.

McKinnon added “Asha definitely saved the koala’s life by keeping it warm. It would have died out there if left alone all night and it never would have made it through” because the temperatures in the state of Victoria, Australia, dropped to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. And even if the baby could survive the low temperatures, it would probably ended up as a prey of foxes or other animals.

Source: Facebook/Kerry N Raymond McKinnon
The joey may not have survived were it not for this Golden Retriever.

The baby felt so safe with the dog that it was difficult for McKinnon to get it off Asha’s back.

Source: Facebook/Kerry N Raymond McKinnon
Thanks to Asha and some help from a local veterinarian, the joey is safe, and has been release back into the wild.

Once she took it in her hands, McKinnon took it to a vet’s office because she wanted to make sure the baby was all right. After the check up, it was given to an animal caretaker who eventually released it back in the wild.

We can only hope that the baby would be reunited with its mommy. And for Kerry and Asha, they will never forget the amazing experience and how the cutest baby koala snuggled up the dog that saved its life.

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