Girl Startled When Dog Lunges, Then Realizes He Sacrificed Himself For Her

"I was really scared..."


I believe all of you have stumbled upon the phrase that a dog is the man’s best friend. That this saying is true has been confirmed many times. We often hear of stories about dogs that love their owners so much that they would do anything for them, including risking their own life.

That was the case with the DeLukas’ family. Recently, they welcomed a rescue dog in their home, but little did they know that the decision of adopting the German Shepherd would save their daughter’s life.

Moly, the 7-year-old daughter and her grandma were spending a day in the backyard when they saw their puppy running around one spot and jumping forwards and backwards. They had no idea what was going on until they realized he was fighting with a rattlesnake.The dog was trying to protect the owners he grew fond of, even though it meant getting hurt by the snake himself.

In the battle, Haus, the dog, got bitten three times. The family rushed him to the hospital as he was bleeding and in pain. The snake’s venom was poisonous and everyone feared for the life of the dog.

The doctors who treated Haus gave him high doses of anti-venom medications and they could only hope and pray for the best. Even if he survived, he could have suffered some major consequences.

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This is when something amazing happened. The costs for the treatment were pretty high so the family started a GoFundMe page. They were all surprised when they got double the money they needed to cover the medical bills. Who knew there were so many generous and compassionate people out there.

The rest of the money was given to charity organizations, as well as to the shelter the family had taken Haus from.

Thankfully, after a short period of time Haus recovered and was able to walk again. Although he was afraid of going to the backyard at first, he now spends his time there again.

What Haus did was extremely courageous, so he got known as Haus the Hero dog. His family created a Facebook page for this brave dog where they share information about Haus’ life with those who helped save his life and everyone who heard of the story.

The DeLukas’ story is just another proof that with a dog around, your life will not only be filled with fun and laughter, but you will know that you have a lifelong friend and a protector by your side.

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