Giant pup thinks he’s a little kid when mom says get in the car

I love this dog - what a personality he’s got. 🙂


There are some places in life that you seem to cozy into and never want to leave. Think back to your favorite lounge chair, super soft towel or even a snuggly pair of sweatpants. No matter what the item is or where you can find it, the way it makes us feel is the same. We want to stay there forever and enjoy every second. That’s precisely what this sweet pupper named Nacho felt when he hopped into Mom’s car. But it’s where he landed and snuggled into that’s causing all of the fuss online…


When Mom, Jillian Harris, invited the massive family pooch Nacho in the car to run some errands with her, she had no idea that he would designate one odd spot as his own. Instead of lounging around in the trunk or resting peacefully sprawled across the backseat, Nacho decided that Leo, his toddler human brother, had the best spot in the car. After circling the toddler’s car seat for a few seconds, Nacho cuddled in and refused to move. He was quite happy there, thank you very much!


Mom couldn’t stop laughing as Nacho sat happily in her son’s spot. What in the world was the dog thinking? The only logical conclusion Jillian could make was that Nacho thought he was a human being too! By the looks of things here, she may not be too far off! Take a peek at Nacho’s silly sitting spot in the video below. Does your dog do strange human-like things? We all have dogs whose behavior is a little odd! Thankfully, Jillian had her camera out and ready to capture Nacho’s silly antics. We all need to be as aware as she was with her camera!

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