Dog’s Favorite Song Comes On The Radio. Her “Dance” Moves Has The Whole Internet In Hysterics


When you think about it, there is really nothing better than sharing your home with a dog. And if that dog happens to be a German Shepherd with an excellent taste in music, your days will never be dull. This is something a woman named Stephanie Walton knows all too well. Her dog, Jaxson Rose is one talented dancer who makes his owner’s life an exciting one.

Not only Jaxson loves moving to the rhythm, but he has a favorite song too. When Flo Rida’s tune “Low” is playing, that means the party is on.

Source: Goodfullness

America learned of Jaxson’s talent after his mommy shared a video of the two driving around and having fun in the car. This is when the sweet dog heard his now all time favorite song for the first time. You can see the connection to this music is instant as he’s ears perk up.

Source: Goodfullness

He moves to the beat and goes forwards and backwards. Have you ever seen a dog performing a more hilarious choreography? I know I haven’t, although I’ve heard dogs love music.

Source: Goodfullness

Because he is a real dancer and a performer in the making, Jaxson and his mom got invited to FOX’s Cause For Paws TV special in L.A. California. Jaxson was nominated for a Golden Bone award in the Weirdest Dog Talent video category.

He had lots of fun being there around other dogs who got to show their special skills to the whole world.

Below is the video that made Jaxson famous. Take a look at it and enjoy.

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