German Shepherd Shows Off Amazing Skills


This could be one of the most stunning performances of a dog and its owner we’ve ever seen. When Jenny Gould and her German Shepherd Zankanja Bitter ‘N’ Twisted took part in a competition, they put an amazing show. The Obedience Dog Championships at Crufts is a dog sport in which dogs are expected to execute set of tasks when directed to do so by their handlers. Zankanja does exactly that, and he is a true professional, and one of the best trained dogs who appeared on the show.

During the 10 minutes performance, the dog won’t leave Jenny’s side and is looking straight at her all the time. Amazingly, the video has been seen more than a million times, and people reacted to it saying, “Stunning German Shepherd! A great combination of beauty, loyalty, and most importantly, Love.” 

It must have taken a lot of training in order for the two to achieve this level of synchronization. You’re going to love it, that’s for sure.

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