Gentle Senior Dogs Need Forever Home —In Order To Be Together

They've been inseparable for 8 years — and they need a family that wants them both ❤️️


The pair loved each other so much..

This is the touching story of a pair of senior Chihuahuas named Zachary and Pee Wee, who had to be taken in by a shelter located in North Carolina. Their owner had unfortunately, passed away – and there was no one left to care for them properly. To the dogs’ dismay, the shelter they were initially sent to was already overpopulated with many other animals. Therefore, shelter staff could not take them in. That was when one local animal welfare association named Adoption First Animal Rescue, stepped in to take care of the pair temporarily.

The canine pair have been together for more than 8 years in total, and they have never left each other’s side since their arrived at the rescue. Pee Wee especially, is much shyer than his counterpart and would even get depressed once she loses sight of Zachary. Zachary was her polar opposite, and welcomes human affection openly. Their bond has touched the animal rescue’s staff s much so that they decided to plan a very special event to celebrate it.

“We thought with as close as they are to each other, they deserved their fairy-tale wedding after all these years,” one staff named Nicole Johnson said.

Thankfully, people were generous enough to donate a wedding dress to the rescue, and it was a perfect fit for Pee Wee. For Zachary’s case, there was no tuxedo available, thus a bow-tie collar resembling one would have to do.

Staff laid out a blanket in the yard, and the ceremony was conducted. Surrounded by volunteers who loved them, both Zachary and Pee Wee were finally married. Next on their bucket list? A perfect forever loving home.

Both Zachary and Pee Wee need to be rehomed in a quiet and serene environment without any young children. The pair adores going on drives and to the dog park where they can socialize with other dogs.

Are you the one whom Zachary and Pee Wee are looking for?

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