Frightened Stray Dog Would Not Let Anyone Come Near — Until Another Canine Tried To


The stray dog was found wandering on the streets of Brooklyn.

Meet Saint, who was found on the streets of Brooklyn all alone in the early hours of the morning, amongst a sea of people and traffic. At first, she caught no one’s eye – until some residents started to walk their own dogs and spotted her outside someone’s door. But Saint didn’t trust humans, and was extremely hand-shy. People started to crowd around her, which made her even more nervous.

Gina Gregorio and her dog Saltie were simply passing by, enjoying their morning routine when she was notified of the commotion. Gina and Saltie made their way there – and Saint looked terrified with all the attention on her. But then, Saltie stepped in.

Saint was initially snarling and stiffened up whenever a human went near her. Gina then obtained a few pieces of chicken breasts from the bodega. Saint ignored them, until Saltie joined in – and started eating them off the pavement. It was then Saint realized that they were ‘safe’ for her to eat, and ate alongside Saltie.

Eventually, Saint calmed down and was then ferried to the Brooklyn ACC. Like earlier, Saint was extremely reserved – until the staff working at the facility introduced play-time to her. She started to change for the better.

Saint is a people-loving dog who wants and needs a lot of tender loving care, patience and trust – it may take some time to warm up to her, but it is worth it in the end. She’s a loyal one!

Staff advised that Saint would arguably do best in a home with only adults and no children, with her as the only dog due to her insecurity issues. She still gets very nervous when she gets confined, but loves to play in the great outdoors. Because of her traumatic past, Saint is now slowing gaining her canine confidence back – and would make a great family member!

Are you the one Saint has been looking for? Interested parties may contact the Brooklyn ACC for more information – good luck!

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