Frantic Dog Begs Cop to Follow Him — Moments Later They Both Become Heroes

Seeing the frantic dog pacing the sidewalk, Officer Jeff Gonzalez could sense something was wrong.


The dog knew that he could help..


One cold and quiet winter morning in Wisconsin, local police officer Jeff Gonzalez caught sight of a black Labrador running up to him on the street. The dog had been frantically running up and down the whole neighborhood.

But it wasn’t a stray dog, it had a collar on and all. The dog seemed very worried about something. Jeff drove his car closer to the dog, and the dog responded by jumping around frantically.

It then began to run at top speed up the street. Jeff ran after the dog as soon as it took off.

Confused at first, the police officer tried to read the dog’s behavior – it seemed that he needed help. Jeff followed the dog and reached the front of a house.

On the  house’s front porch, Jeff spotted a woman, who was unconscious. She laid completely still on a chair, with her pajamas on – even though it was past morning already. Her lips were also blue from the cold. At first, Jeff thought that she had frozen to death, but she wasn’t. Jeff acted quickly and brought the woman into the house for warmth – he also dialed 911 for an ambulance. The woman was named Krystal, and her dog was John Boy. John Boy ran off to fetch help for his owner, and stumbled across Jeff.

Thanks to the quick thinking and actions of both John Boy and Jeff, Krystal’s life was saved. Krystal is now fully recovered after a short hospitalization period, and credits her dog and the officer for saving her life!

Watch the news report below!

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