Franklin Police Department’s dog stole toys from donation room

Their therapy dog named Ben believed all of the toys belonged to him.


Who knew that stealing could make us laugh instead of making us mad.

Well, Ben, one of the cutest dogs out there, turned to be the thief that was snitching toys from the holiday toy drive. Namely, sweet Ben is the therapy dog at the Massachusetts Police Department and he loves playing with toys. He doesn’t like the idea of sharing them with the kids but wants all of them for himself.

One day, the police officers noticed how some of the toys they were collecting for children for the Santa Foundation were missing and they had no idea who the ‘culprit’ behind the stealing was. Soon enough, their doubts were cleared and now the video of Ben sneaking with a baby doll is all over the Internet.

“When Ben saw the toys, he thought they all belonged to him,” Deputy Chief James Mill told WFXT, a local Fox affiliate, on Thursday.

When they asked Ben why he took the toy and what he was planning to do with it, he lead them to his bed. Surprisingly, there were a bunch of other toys there as well.

“You’re priceless,” an officer said in the video. “He’s going to stockpile them toys over there. He keeps bringing them in here.”

The officers joked how they are making sure the door of the room where the toys are is closed and they are placed high on the shelves.

“If not, a golden retriever will slowly hoard them throughout the day and bring them back to his lair,” the post read. “Thanks to Officer Cusson for capturing this larceny on camera.”

Now we all know how much Ben loves playing with toys, but there are kids that need them more than he does. Plus, he just can’t have them all.

“I mean, he’s gotten his slobber all over them at this point, so the police department has replaced them,” he said.

But Ben is the kind of friend that everyone wants in their life. He brings smiles whenever he’s around.

“It’s amazing. He’s like one of those friends that always shows up at a party that everybody loves,” Mill told the station. “So even if you’re having a terrible day, if Ben walks in, seriously, it’s just like a ray of sunshine.”

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