Formerly Abused Dog Transforms — Just After 2 Months

She was confiscated from her owners due to how poorly they treated her.


It was an amazing transformation.

Dogs are often subjected to cases of great abuse and neglect, with owners having to surrender them to the local authorities. Thankfully, many animal rescue organizations are there to help our beloved canines from a much dreaded hard life on the streets as an unwanted stray – just like Sidewalk Specials, who are based in Cape Town, South Africa. A 100% foster based rescue that also runs sterilisation drives to aid the community, staff members know their rescues on a personal level and are able to correctly match them to the right home they would need. One example is Angel, a pooch who had been confiscated from her former owners due to severe neglect.

Other than malnutrition, Angel had sustained several burn marks over her body, as well as a severe case of mange due to unhygienic conditions. She was also painfully shy and distrusting of humans at first. Thanks to the intervention of Sidewalk Specials, Angel soon received an appropriate foster home where she could heal – both physically and mentally.

As soon as she arrived in her new foster home, there was a big dog bed laid down specially for her – and she tucked herself right in, as if it was the very first time she had ever experienced comfort.

Angel was treated at a local animal clinic, which was crucial in allowing her skin to heal. For her soul, 2 other dogs who lived in the same foster home as her were there to show her the ropes. Today, Angel is a well-trained dog who excels in clicker training and loves the great outdoors – just after 2 months of TLC!

Watch Angel’s story in the video below!

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