Foal that resembled a carcass 4 yrs ago just won a national championship after stunning recovery

We couldn't be prouder.


In the United Kingdom a few years ago, life was not easy for this young foal. He was covered in lice and worms and lived without food, water, or a caretaker. But his story is one incredible recovery!

In frigid October weather during 2014, Field Officer Rachel Andrews from World Horse Welfare received a call about a black-and-white foal, Frodo, in a pile of hay.

Andrews claimed that Frodo looked not much different than a carcass. Because they could not find his owner, RSPCA and the police helped with his rescue.


Frodo began his recovery at Penny Farm. He received treatment for parasites and dehydration.

Frodo became healthier and healthier. He even got to the point where he could be ridden!


Now, Frodo is competing at Equifest, and it is crazy to believe he is the same foal they rescued years ago.

Penny Farm’s Fran Williamson said: Frodo’s transformation in less than four years since he arrived as a tiny foal who was so weak he couldn’t even support his own weight, is truly amazing. “It is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of the team who cared for him, and we couldn’t be prouder.”

At his first show, Frodo was crowned the Equifest Rescue Champion 2018.

Watch Frodo’s amazing transformation!

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