Florida Police Officer Cracks Up When He Spotted Dog Skateboarding

Now that is a very unusual scene


That dog is so talented!

Animals are very intelligent, and are able to perform all sorts of tricks when trained properly to do so. Very often, they are purely for sport or for competition preparations. But not one canine. In Jacksonville, one particular dog was spotted doing something most dogs could not or would not do. It was practicing its skateboarding skills – almost like how a human would with a balance on all four paws! Local policemen tend to see a lot of unexpected or strange events happening everyday during their daily patrols, and most things that happen are purely coincidental. However, one officer in Jacksonville had caught the sight of the dog, who had been skateboarding on a driveway one afternoon. This caused him to crack up – badly! This was quite the highlight of the day for him as well.

The amused officer managed to videotape the dog traveling up and down a fenced-in driveway on the skateboard while chuckling away. At Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, He showed his fellow colleagues what he videotaped, and they proceeded to share the video on their offical Facebook page! The post was accompanied with the following caption: “This one will make you smile! Police see a lot of things. When JSO Officer Busatta caught this dog skateboarding in Northwest Jacksonville he couldn’t stop laughing. He took a video to share with you all. Enjoy!”

Watch the whole scene happen again in the video below!

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Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!
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