Fishermen Spot Something In A Lake And Gets Closer

Two fishermen spot a strange furry blob in the freezing water ... they think it's a person at first, then they realize it's an animal. A BIG animal. And it needs help fast!


They thought it was a human at first…

A fisherman named Ruslan Lukanin was out fishing with his friend on Lake Vygozero in northwestern Russia when he spots something strange. Something was floating on the surface of the lake, which is infamous for its freezing water temperatures. The two men initially thought that it was a human and steered their boat towards it for a rescue. After getting closer, the men saw that it wasn’t a human, but a mother bear and her two cubs. As mother bears were known to be extremely protective of her cubs, the men maintained their distance.

But after some time, the mother bear decided to swim back to shore on her own, abandoning her two cubs. This shocked the men, who quickly took action to save the two cubs. The cubs were having trouble staying afloat and could only try their best to tread water. As the boat got closer, the first cub immediately latched onto the edge of the boat but was too weak to climb in.

The men saw this and used a net to assist the cub, which worked. The second cub however, was too weak to even latch onto the boat, so the men tried to lift it onto the boat using a net. But the cub was too heavy to be lifted onto the boat and could only hang onto the net instead. The men then steered the boat back onto the shore, all the while keeping an eye on the second cub.

After reaching the shore, the men helped the two cubs to get off the boat for their mother to find them before getting back onto the boat. Although it is unclear on why the cubs’ mother abandoned them, these two cubs’ lives were saved thanks to these two men.

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