Fishermen Notice Strange Object In Ocean, Then Realize It’s A Dying Whale Needing To Be Saved


When the boat Legacy and her crew of three fishermen were out on Bodega Bay for a trip in California on December 8, 2016, they noticed a strange object in the water ahead.

As they got closer, they realized that it was a struggling whale who had become tangled in crab traps that crab fishermen often use.

One fisherman told CBS, “Mark comes along side it and we notice that it’s blowhole was spouting off…it’s trapped. Absolutely trapped.”

Approaching and handling a whale can be dangerous for anyone, let alone untrained amateurs, but the crew knew that there wasn’t any time to call for help and described it as an “emergency situation.”

The deck boss explained, “I mean it was cutting into him to where he was bleeding, so I don’t know how long it would have been till he’s getting ripped apart by sharks. He definitely needed help.”

The men started cutting the lines trying to help the whale, but he was resistant at first. After a while he seemed to understand what was going on. “He would come and it would roll over and be like, almost showing us where the lines were on its fins.”

Another fishermen said that the whale seemed to understand that the men were helping him. Eventually all of the lines were cut and the whale was able to swim free.

A member of the crew said, “If I was to die today, you know, I would know I did something good with my life.”

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