Firemen Saved 8 ‘Puppies’ From Drain, But They Aren’t Dogs

These animals looked like puppies, but they turned out to be a completely different


The brigade of firemen thought that they were puppies at first..

On 16 March 2018, one captain of the local fire brigade, Brian Vaughan, received an alarming phone call which needed his team’s immediate attention. The matter concerned 8 tiny and young ‘puppies’ that were found stuck fast in a drain well. The caller had believed that those were a litter of black Labrador puppies who had been abandoned in the pipe by their former owners.

20 minutes after the fire brigade had arrived at the scene, all of the ‘puppies’ had already been successfully rescued from the drain. They appeared to be unharmed, and were subsequently taken to the Humane Rescue Organisation located in the Pikes Peak Region.

But their rescuers realized that they did not rescued a litter of dog puppies. In actual fact, the supposedly ‘black puppies’ had dark red fur! One of the vets explained that those ‘puppies’ were not Labradors – they were actually fox cubs!

Foxes are an extremely common sight around the areas surrounding the Rocky Mountains, where this litter was found. Travis Sauder, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Manager, was not surprised that the call was made at all.

Sauder explained:”This time of year there are a lot of animals that are starting to have their young, and they have them in small dens that are places that we can encounter when we’re recreating in the outdoors like we like to do.”

According to Sauder, those fox cubs would be taken back to the pipe, in the hope that their mother will return to take care of them – resuming her normal duties like she would before the rescue. If their mother fails to return, they would be transported to a rehabilitation facility for wild animals.

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