Father Caught His 2-Year-Old Son Playing Fetch With His Neighbor’s Dog and the Video Is Going Viral

"A fence can’t stop my two-year-old from playing with his new best friend."


The boy knows that he has another playmate in the yard..


Dogs are man’s best friend, they are not only loyal but also provide unconditional love, even if you are not their owner. In Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Wisconsin, a man named Chad Nelson works for Kare 11 as a photo journalist. He lives with his family and has a 2 year old son. The family regularly spends their time out in the front yard, which is surrounded by a wooden fence. Their yard is right next to their neighbor’s yard, where their neighbor’s dog frequents as well.

One day, his 2 year old son found a tennis ball near the fence. Presuming that the tennis ball belonged to the neighbor’s dog, the boy picked up the ball and threw it across the fence to return the ball to the dog. What surprised Nelson was that the dog peeped over by putting his front paws on the top of the fence and dropped the tennis ball back into their yard! Nelson’s son immediately knew that this dog was trying to play a game of fetch with him, and eagerly kept throwing the ball across the fence.

The dog seemed to enjoy the game of fetch and continued to retrieve the ball, only to drop it back into their yard for the boy to throw it again. Nelson found this moment so adorable that he could not resist filming it down and posting the video on his Twitter account. The video went viral among netizens shortly after and had garnered at least 1 million likes on Twitter.

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