Family Welcomes Dying Pup to Love on until Death, But Dog Refused to Die

Faith is a proof that we should never underestimate the power of TLC!


We should never underestimate the power of love as it was this force that led to an incredible miracle to take place in the home of one special family.

When the husband of an American mom named Mary was relocated to Turkey, the whole family moved placed. There, in the heart of Ankara, this woman and her three daughters, Abby, Anna and Alaina, kept themselves busy by helping at a dog shelter.

The place was crowded and the staff needed a helping hand so these four animal lovers were the perfect fit for filling in the volunteering positions.

However, being as compassionate as they are, Mary and her daughters got very attached to the dogs, especially those that were most vulnerable of all. As a result, they turned their family home into hospice for dogs.

They would take in those canines that were very ill and dying in order to make their last days more comfortable.

One day, they stumbled upon a litter of puppies which were very sick. They opened the doors to their home for the little ones. Over the next few days, the puppies passed away. All of them, but one; the smallest of the litter.

This dog’s survival was a real miracle. The family named her Faith because no other name would ever suit her better.

Months after her rescue, Faith turned into a healthy and a happy dog who makes the lives of her humans better. She became the perfect addition to the family and none of the members can imagine their days without Faith by their side.

Of course, when the time comes for them to get back to the States, they will bring their miracle dog with them.

Take a look at the whole story. Heartwarming indeed!

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