Family rescues a baby kangaroo and now he thinks he’s a dog


It’s amazing how animals have the ability to adapt to the environment in which they grow, gaining behavioral habits that resemble those around them. This is not just with domestic animals… Many “wild” animals also have this ability, and the story we’ll meet today is the proof of that.

Baby kangaroo thinks he’s a dog

Two years ago, Ashley Stewart decided to bring an orphaned kangaroo to her house. The woman didn’t know if the animal would fit into her family… However, now he even believes that he’s a dog! He is a kangaroo dog, named Dusty.

Ashley brought Dusty home after her mother was run over. He was very young at the time and would probably never survive in the wild at such a young age. As sad as this story has been, Dusty got a lot of support from the two family dogs, Rosie and Lilly.

Dusty loves his new family. And he loves living with all those little dogs around! Animals can create incredible bonds with other beings and Dusty proved that.

 When the kangaroo needed it most, this family was there to help him, and now he decided to return the favor with much love and affection. Share this incredible story with your friends and family!
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