Family mourns as dog goes to be euthanized. 6 months later discover vet’s shocking lie


Having a dog in your life has to be the best thing ever. Every canine owner agrees how these loving creatures make their life better and more fun. Sadly, the reality is that dogs’ life expectancy isn’t as long as that of humans’ which means it’s very likely for people to see their loyal pet leave these world before them. The experience of losing a family dog is painful and leaves owners heartbroken.

Tawny Coates and her children were happy to be having a lovely boxer named Zoe in their life. However, after ten years of being part of the family, Zoe’s health condition worsened as she started suffering from seizures and developed a tumor on her back. No matter how sad and tearing it was for the Coates family, they knew the best thing to do was to take Zoe at the vet’s and put her down.

It was all too much for them to handle, so Tawny asked her dad to take the dog at the vets for them. The process of euthanasia along with cremation costed Coates $215. After they received the vet’s condolence card and knew it was all over they were already grieving for the loss of their sweet pet they loved as a child.

Six months after Zoe’s passing, her family decided to adopt another dog they would love and care for the way they did it with Zoe. Tawny took to Facebook to search for boxers for adoption when she stumbled upon the biggest surprised of her life. As she browsed through the photos of the dogs, a familiar face stared at her from the computer screen. Was it possible for it to be Zoe? Wasn’t she dead? Tawny thought that someone posted the photo by mistake and quickly contacted the adoption center.

She quickly learned how that dog that resembled Zoe so much was listed for adoption by the vet’s office that was supposed to put the dog down. It was all too confusing to handle.

After the family confronted the vet, Dr. Mary Smart, she claimed how she told Tawny’s father how the dog could be saved with a surgery instead of being euthanized. The father, however, says this conversation never took place. Was it possible all this to be a result of a simple miscommunication? The reality is that we can never be sure.

The vet used the money to perform a surgery on Zoe and once she was feeling fine, she just assumed the family didn’t want her back so she didn’t contact them in the first place. The doctor believes that was her only mistake.

The good thing is that Zoe is back home again. Her family is over the moon and can’t believe they got a second chance to spend more time with the dog they all love so much.

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