Family leaves dog in garbage dump, after adopting a new puppy

The poor animal was alone, terrified and confused about the cruel attitude of his humans! �



Unfortunately, it’s not that unusual for cruel pet owners to abandon their pets by simply dumping them on the streets. It’s devastating to see how many of them treat a living soul as an item they can throw when they no longer use. These animals are completely puzzled and can’t figure out what happened to them and how can someone they love so much get rid of them that way.

Yoda is a loving dog who was unfortunate to get in the hands of a family who abandoned him in order to adopt a new, younger puppy.

As you may assume, Yoda ended up alone on the streets. He could only eat the garbage people left in the dumpsters, so when the staff of Sidewalk Specials found him, he was undernourished.

These kind hearted people cleaned him from the ticks and treated the poor dog for tick fever. He had a long, hot bath and felt love again. The rescuers were now making sure to find Yoda a new forever home.

The puppy was fortunate to be noticed by the management of Pet Places, a pet hotel in Cape Town – South Africa. They were more than happy to take the dog in and he is now the face of the hotel.


He gets to run around the beautiful green grass of the hotel’s gardens and meets new people every day. He loves to be pet on the head by the visitors and doesn’t have to worry about being abandoned ever again.

Take a look at how Yoda spends his days in the video below.

Fortunately, it turned out all well for Yoda. Share this story, if you are against the mistreatment and the abandonment of animals!

Source: I Love My Dog

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