Family Is Taken Aback When Adopted Pit Bull Refuses to Leave the Shelter Without Her Friend

The new owners had to make a choice!


Every dog deserves to be loved. Sadly, that’s not always the case as many canines end up dumped by their owners because of various unjustifiable reasons.

Thankfully, there are many rescue organizations that give these abandoned creatures a second chance in life. They always go above and beyond in order to place them with new families.

Take Rocket Dog Rescue for example. Over the years, this organization has managed to save the lives of over 10,000 animals. But, when they stumbled upon two dogs whose bond stunned everyone around, they weren’t very optimistic about finding them a home.

This pair of furry pals wasn’t something the volunteers see very often. Why, you may wonder. Well, it’s because Merrill was a 3-year-old Pit Bull, and Taco was a tiny Chihuahua that was 8 years old. They came to the shelter on the same day, and would never separate from each other ever again.

The caretakers didn’t have many information on how Merrill and Taco ended up at their place. They only assumed Taco was left behind because of his age. And it was truly sad as he was a really special dog.

One thing was sure, Merrill didn’t have an easy life. She suffered from physical trauma and had infections.

Her caretakers believed it would be for the best if she undergoes a surgery that would likely solve some of her health issues.

The surgery took a lot of time to be performed, but the outcome was positive. All Merrill needed was to take a long rest and recover. But as the vets took her to a quiet room, they heard someone barking.

Believe it or not, it was Taco down in the hall, waiting to see his best friend. Apparently, the shelter staff tried all they could to stop Taco’s whimpering but it was practically impossible. He was crying for Merrill. So no matter how unconventional it was, they just took him to the hospital for a visit.

After they were presented with the case and told how close these two were, the vets decided to ‘break’ the protocol and let Taco be in Merrill’s room.

Seeing the two providing each other comfort and love, it was clear that the shelter couldn’t let them be adopted separately. So, their new mission was finding Taco and Merrill a family that would take them both. It sounded hard at the beginning, but everyone knew that their story was too cute for potential adopters to ignore it.

The first thing the shelter did was posting photos along with the message: “This dynamic duo has lost their family, their home, and now we can’t let them lose each other!”

As expected, the post gained a lot of attention. However, no one from San Francisco, where the shelter is based, was willing to open the doors to their heart and home to both the dogs. It was either, or, but the shelter wouldn’t settle for less than a shared home for Taco and Merrill.

However, as time passed by, the staff believed that Taco was holding Merrill back. She was a young and now a healthy Pit Bull, and Taco was already old, so they had their doubts whether to walk back their package pooch deal.

But then, out of the blue, the shelter got an e-mail from a woman named Jodi from San Diego.

She said how her family was planning on getting two dogs and was interested in the couple.

The first encounter between Jodi’s family and Merrill and Taco was a huge success. They simply clicked, and that was it.

The furry pals got a forever home. Jodi’s kids decided to keep the dogs’ names and even made them some custom made bowls to show their excitement.

Many people who followed Merrill and Taco’s story were interested to know how the dogs were doing, so the family created a fun page where they would post updates and a bunch of cute photos of the two.

A couple of weeks into his stay, Taco experienced some medical issues. He was diagnosed with a weak heart and fluid in his lungs. That meant he had to stay at the hospital and receive medications. According to the vets, his chances were bleak, but his family knew he would pull through.

Taco’s condition affected Merrill as well. She could feel his pain, and she was deeply saddened.

Luckily, the treatment worked and Taco’s health improved. Both he and Merrill became friends with other dogs from the neighborhood and enjoyed their days to the maximum.

Sadly, Taco’s life ended in 2018, but he spent his last years surrounded by people who showered him with love and attention. As for Merrill, she grieved for her best friend but learned how to live without his presence in her life. What’s most, she taught everyone that Pit Bulls do make awesome friends and pets.

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