Family Dumps Their Dog Of Two Years At Kill Shelter For Eating Out Of The Garbage

Instead of taking the time to train him, the family decided to dump their dog of two years at a kill shelter.


Hearing that a family dog ends up at a shelter is always devastating news. The reasons owners list for doing so are different, but no matter what they say, I strongly believe that no dog should ever be dumped just like that.

Coby, a two-year-old dog found himself out of his family home for the most bizarre reason ever. Apparently, he was going through the garbage and that made his owners so mad that they decided to place him at a kill shelter.

Once there, Coby was so terrified and confused that all he did was staring at the wall, avoiding eye contact with any of the humans at the Fairfield County Shelter in South Carolina.

It was understandable that Coby didn’t trust people any longer.

“He is scared out of his mind … almost like a feral dog would be … but not once did he growl, or try to bite,” Samira El-Hage‎, one of the shelter volunteers wrote on Facebook. “He wanted to hide under the raised bed or run away when we got outside. He kept trying to chew the leash and would not look at us.”

The post about Coby was quickly shared all over the social media, and many people felt sorry for him. Among them was a woman named Leigh Maddox, founder of Compassion For Cats Of Delaware.

Maddox knew she mustn’t let Coby spend another day at the shelter because it was more than clear he needed help and someone to love him and give him a real home. Above all, he needed to learn some basic commands as his previous owners didn’t put any effort to teach him anything a dog should be taught.

Soon, sweet Coby was transferred to Delaware with the help of the organization Pilots N Paws that helps animals reach their destination and their forever home.

There, he was welcomed by his foster mom Olivia Fritz.

Speaking to The Dodo, she said, “Coby was so tucked into the seat that it was difficult for my husband to get him out. Once he was out of the plane he went limp from fear … He was so shut down that really he did not respond to anything or anyone.”

Fritz is convinced that the problem of eating garbage wasn’t the real reason for Coby to be dumped. His previous family neglected him so much that they didn’t even help him form a habit of doing his business outside of the house.

But he’s slowly learning things and he’ll eventually recover from what he had to go through.

“I thought if I just held him and kissed him that he would know he was loved … but it is far more than that,” Fritz told The Dodo. “I hope the damage he suffered can be overcome but it won’t be overnight.”

Now that he’s in the right hands, Coby is thriving and learning new things and tricks. We are convinced he will make the best pet once he is able to put his ordeal behind.

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