Family Discovers A Newborn Kitten In The Rain And Completely Transforms Her Life.


Reddit member Klaanigan posted pictures of a kitten lying alone on a street in the rain. The images have now spread across the world.

The story behind the adorable tiny kitten’s discovery is at first heartbreaking, but quickly becomes one of hope.

Klaanigan was out walking with her mother when they found the tiny kitten abandoned in the street. Her eyes were still closed and she was likely no more than a few days old.f2

Klaanigan immediately picked up the cat and gave it to her mom. She wrapped the kitten in a piece of paper and brought her home. 0210

When the kitten was at last warm and dry, they fed her from a bottle. They decided to name her Iris.af2af

How fortunate that they found her! I really hope that Iris grows strong and has a happy life with her new family. ga21

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