Family Discovers Dog’s Double Life After It’s Stolen: ‘It’s quite shocking’

"She’s been fooling us all," the dog's owner said. "She’s played us like a fiddle."


Imagine if you lived a double life. Living a double life, it becomes a lot to maintain. Just ask McKayla about it. She lived a double life for years without her parents even knowing.

McKayla is a 12-year-old Great Pyrenees farm dog with one crazy story.

Source: Facebook/Julie Gill
Julie Gill and McKayla

Roger and Julie Gill took McKayla into their care when her old owners moved off their farm and into the city. The Gills assumed she was happy with the farm life since it is all she has ever known.

To their surprise, McKayla can be a city girl too.

Source: Facebook/Julie Gill
McKayla is a 12-year-old Great Pyrenees.

One day, their dog went missing. The Gills asked the community to be on the lookout for McKayla.

A local party store caught McKayla on a security camera and posted it in case anybody came by looking for their dog.

Coincidentally, she did the same at a nearby post office and church.

“She’s quite a smart old cookie,” Julie Gill said.  she played us like a fiddle.”

Source: Facebook/Bill Raines
Security cameras captured the woman who took McKayla from the store.

McKayla had been doing this for years.

“I’ve just been thinking, ‘How does this dog sustain on what little she eats?’” Julie said. “But now I know. She stands at the door like a panhandler, and catches people getting in and out.”

This time, she didn’t come back.

The party store owner showed the Gills the tapes. Earlier that day, a woman asked if the pet had an owner. The cashier let her know she did, in fact, have an owner, but that didn’t stop her.

Minutes later, she came back in fed the dog and put her in the car.

Source: Facebook/Julie Gill
Thanks to local police, it wasn’t too long before the dognappers were tracked down, and McKayla was brought home.

A regular at the store followed her out to the parking lot. They shouted for her to stop, but she kept driving.

Without the dog, those people who took McKayla came to visit the Gills’ home. Claiming McKayla had been neglected, these people had no intentions of giving her back.

That’s when the Gills called the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police. The police tracked down the car.

“Reunited and it feels so good!’” The police tweeted upon bringing a homesick McKayla back to her parents. “Officer Tomlinson worked to help victim after heartbreaking theft of their Great Pyrenees McKayla. She even sent a nice thank you message which you can see below! Thank you for sharing the love! Welcome back McKayla! #GreatPyrenees #IMPDcares.”


Ecstatic to have McKayla home, the Gills now invested in a sturdier fence and a shorter leash.

“Our McKayla is HOME!” Julie posted to Facebook. “We are so thankful to Indy Metro Officer P Tomlinson for going over and above working with us and getting McKayla home. We love and appreciate all the men and women who protect our community. Thank you for your service!”

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