Exhausted Dog Almost Drowns — Firefighters Were Just In Time

The dog was exhausted and in a dire situation.


The dog was losing strength before help came..

Despite popular belief, not all dogs are good swimmers despite their breed. A local stray got itself into a dire situation along the shores of Miami one morning – and it was quickly losing strength until a group of firefighters were dispatched to rescue him.

Miami-Fire Rescue had responded to a distress call made by a passer-by earlier on, about a dog who got itself accidentally stranded in the waters of a Southwest Miami-Dade canal on Sunday. When the team of firefighters arrived at the scene, they found the already exhausted pooch struggling to paddle its way back to shore. Its strength was quickly sapping, and the firefighters sprang into action.

The team leaped into action, despite the fact that they may get themselves wet.

Three firefighters reached out, and pulled the dog back onto dry land.

They had very gently lifted the Rottweiler mix out of the water and onto the rocky shore edge. The team also started petting the dog, comforting him before checking him over for any wounds he may have sustained during his ordeal in the water.

The dog was also quickly dried and warmed up on a tarp provided by the firefighters. The team then carefully carried the shivering dog onto an ambulance stretcher.

One of the firefighters even volunteered to look after the dog, planning to nurse it back to health while he tries to locate the canine’s former owner – if any.

Watch the rescue below!

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