6-Week-Old Puppy Brutally Stoned By Bully Kids Wonders Why They Hate Him

When he was discovered, this little puppy was in a near-death situation from being severely bullied by kids. He never stopped wondering why those children hate him.


This is yet another successful rescue story of an animal in desperate need of help. Little Murphy, who was later said to be only six weeks old, suffered injuries after some evil and misbehaving kids threw rocks at him. The poor pup would have probably died if it wasn’t for the rescuers of Sidewalk Specials who took a notice of him just on time. 

Murphy’s injuries were treated at the Vet Point Clinic where he learned what it feels like to have someone in his life who actually cares for him. 

Despite the injuries he suffered, Murphy also had anemia as a result of all those ticks who got stuck into his body. Thanks to the dedicated medical staff, he was cleaned of the ticks and once he started feeling better a foster family took him in. 

There, in his new home, Murphy gets to spend his days around his doggie sibling whom he loves. 

His foster family enjoys the time spent with their lovely visitor, but once a forever family comes along, Murphy will move places. 

Below is the whole story about this sweet pup’s rescue. 

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