Little girl wants to pet service dog – Her mom calls security after hearing No

When the angry mom walked away, the service dog owner thought it was over - but things only escalated from that point on. The row has been seen by more than two million people now. Do you believe the service dog owner was being "rude"?


I can never understand those people who wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Being persistent can get you a lot in life, but I guess that’s different from being pushy, which can make people even more resentful towards this type of behavior. Take this lady for example. She was shopping at a busy mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her young daughter, when the two noticed a sweet service dog. What happened next is caught in a video. 


She wanted her daughter to get closer and pet the dog that was obviously working at the time. When the dog’s handler refused for the girl to touch the dog, the mother got really angry. Instead of simply walking away, she started making a row saying “Number one, you should have a sign” to what the handler replies, “There are four signs on my leash alone!”


Service dogs are trained to help people with disabilities and they shouldn’t be distracted while on the job because that may lead to the owner or the handler to get hurt while the dog isn’t watching. 

The woman still holding her daughter in her hands continues arguing and doesn’t want to be filmed. She even threatens to call the cops, but once she realizes her behavior is disruptive, she simply leaves the mall. 

Take a look at the dog handler’s ordeal in the video below. 

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