English Mastiff Takes Part in Dog Agility and We Can All Relate

Just watch him go through the weave! LOL! I couldn’t stop giggling!


What Zeus, an English Mastiff had to give the crowd during the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show in Colorado is indeed very special. His performance at the agility course has been talked about not because he nailed it and finished first, but because he showed everyone that life is all about having fun and taking things once step at a time. He finished the course at his own pace, and people relate to him. The comments are as hilarious as Zeus’ performance itself.

One person said, “He’s wagging his tail, and enjoying himself…nothing wrong with that!…Go Big Fella!” Another added, “I love his ‘I’ll get there, when I get there’ attitude…LOL.” Other say how Zeus is their new and favorite spirit animal. The best thing is that no matter his slow pace, he made everyone around laugh and cheer for him.

This is definitely a must watch!

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