Blind man told to leave store because of service dog


Too often, people with disabilities are not treated with the respect they deserve.

This world is upsetting at times because of the naive, and downright rude, people that are out there.

And this is one of those upsetting times.

When Michael Barnes went to a local store, he took his seeing eye dog, as he always does. He can’t get around without him because he’s blind.

But, that apparently wasn’t a good enough reason for the clerk on duty. He told Barnes, and his friend that was with him in the store, that they had to get out because of their dogs.

The reasoning? Because their dogs had apparently ‘relieved’ themselves on prior occasions.

Even after Barnes showed the clerk the handbook full of laws and rules about seeing eye dogs, proving that it’s illegal to not allow someone in a public place because of it, he continued to force him to leave the premises.

This is a reoccurring problem in some areas, and it’s absolutely ridiculous that this man had to feel humiliated and explain himself. No one should be treated this way, and Barnes knows that, so he’s going to court.

Do you think he should win this case? I certainly do. Service dogs save lives, and they should never have to be explained further than their title.

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