Emaciated Dog Was Forced To Give Birth Outside – While Tied To A Tree


The dog had no help when she did so.

Meet a dog named Libby, who was found in a horrific state in Louisiana, United States – she just gave birth to a litter of puppies, while tied up to a tree! The poor mother dog was left unsheltered, and had no means of providing any form of nutrition to her pups.

Covered in both gigantic ants and mosquitoes buzzing around her while she laid on the dirty and filthy ground, Libby bravely gave birth – all by herself without any human aid or medical treatment.

When rescuers finally arrived, all of Libby’s puppies were out, but she was trying her very best to keep all of them alive till they were rushed to the nearest veterinarian. Sadly, one of the puppies drowned in all that blood and did not make it, as it had failed to breathe and receive proper warmth.

However, there was no time to waste. The rescuers set their grief aside and proceeded to carry out the task at hand – to rescue Libby herself and the rest of her surviving litter.

When Libby finally arrived at the rescue center, she proceeded to give birth to at least four more puppies, which makes the total puppy count a 12 which survived the ordeal. The mother dog and her litter have since been moved to Bellevue Vet Clinic, for 24-7 medical care round the clock. There, Libby’s pups are carefully nursed to health and hand fed. Libby was also placed under recovery care, and has been put on IV fluids to help with her dangerously low body weight and skeletal frame.

Authorities are currently on the hunt for the culprit behind this evil deed. Libby’s case is currently being investigated and animal cruelty charges are to follow.

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